To A Stranger, To A Friend💫


The Transition💫

I was once given a poem called ‘to a stranger to a friend’. I loved the poem so much and saw that it was by R.J.Tomlin. I was desperate to find out more about the book and upon googling I came up with nothing, except this book. (Which in the end had nothing to do with the poem).

The book was about teenagers living in a world where they had to work to gain identity, and when they turned 18 they went through a ‘transition’ in to the real world where they were reunited with their parents. But it was so much more than that because there were relationships, friendships and deaths that made you want to keep turning the page and rooting for the characters, and these are the books I really enjoy, the ones I become attached too. There were so many unexpected twists to the book and it had such a good ending, I would definitely recommend if this seems like your type of book.

Only available as an ebook.


Hey, it’s been a while.

On my last post I asked about favourite places to read.

So far my favourite place this year has been the airport. My parents live abroad so I find myself frequenting this spot. I also have quite bad anxiety when flying so books are a blessing.

I love how peaceful it can be even with the world rushing by, I just felt so at ease so I declared it a fave.

I was reading a book called ‘The Transition’ – expect a review in the near future.

*The book I was reading was an ebook on my phone, hence the picture of my coffee☕️

Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant – Veronica Roth

My 1st Review📚

First of, Divergent was amazing, from beginning to end I did not put the book down. Insurgent was the exact same, and Allegiant although a little slower at first was brilliant. Great books and the ending was worth the wait.
A book about individuality and not following other people just to fit in, a book that talks about strengths and weaknesses in people and of course, a romance. (Because let’s face it, there’s no real book with out a bit of romance)

This book was a page turner, and although completely made up, it made me feel like I was part of it. There are different factions (read and you will understand) I had myself sat in bed imagining which faction I would be in, for what reasons. I absolutely love books I can get lost in and these 3 books did it for me.

With the third book being slower than the first two, I found it hard to keep going at first but I took it on holiday and I sat by the pool and carried on, I’m so glad I did. About half way through it picked up again and there was all the action I’d been missing all over again.

I must warn you, a few tears were shed.
Any feedback greatly received.

Here goes nothing..

So, I’m starting a blog because I read so often and I feel like I never have a person to review it too. So I’m hoping to get across to some likeminded people that want to see my opinion, or just talk to myself because that’s cool too. I read all sorts of books and am open to any suggests via my contact page. Also I am open to any tips for blogging as I have never done anything like this before.

Here’s a picture of my new books yet to read! Any ideas on which to read first?