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Happy New Year.

I have a couple of New Years resolutions this year that I am determined to keep.

If you saw my last post, there was around 22 books that I now have unread.

Resolution number 1: read all of the books.

Resolution number 2: blog about the books because it makes me feel happy (even if no one replies😂)

Resolution number 3 (completely non book related): budget and be more careful with money…… and potentially blog about it.

What’s your New Years resolutions?

What to read first?

So there’s 5 books here that I had before Christmas, and the rest were all gifts of my amazing family and boyfriend!! Do you think I like reading?😆

Does anyone have any suggestions of what to start with? Is there anything you see that you’ve been meaning to read? Anything you see you’ve already read? Let me know☺️📚


Hiiii, I’m looking for some new books to fill my bookcase, was hoping some of you lovely people would be able to tell me some of your favourite books / ones you would recommend?

Any genre is fine, I like to explore. Although crime/thriller is my fave.

Thanks in advance x

The Choice – small review

So far I’ve read the majority of ‘The Choice’ by Edith Eger.

This book really pulls at the heart strings, I think because it’s true it makes you really feel how she would have felt.

She tells real accounts of what happened before, during and after her time in Auschwitz. You can’t even begin to imagine some of the things that they endured there, but Edith gives us some insight.

I went to Auschwitz in May, and the facts were shocking and you don’t quite believe them until you go and see all the evidence, or read a book that tells you the accounts of what was happening.

I don’t want to give away too much because I definitely think everyone should read it if they get the chance.

Feel free to leave any comments, if anyone has read it or is going to and would like to know any more details.

It’s been so long…

So basically this is just a completely random blog, I’ve thought about blogging so much recently but have been away travelling over summer and then been so busy since getting back as I’m starting university in a couple of months.

I feel like blogging is such a good way to spend my time, I just sometimes feel like I have nothing to talk about that people want to hear.

Tonight I am doing absolutely nothing, just having a coffee and relaxing.

So Hi, feel free to message me or comment, I’d love to know a bit more about how you started blogging, and how you figured out what you were going to blog about. Id love to keep blogging about book reviews but I don’t know if I’m good enough😭. Hellppppppp