Here goes nothing..

So, I’m starting a blog because I read so often and I feel like I never have a person to review it too. So I’m hoping to get across to some likeminded people that want to see my opinion, or just talk to myself because that’s cool too. I read all sorts of books and am open to any suggests via my contact page. Also I am open to any tips for blogging as I have never done anything like this before.

Here’s a picture of my new books yet to read! Any ideas on which to read first?


One thought on “Here goes nothing..

  1. I’m doing the same! Sometimes it is nice to make myself think more about the book, even if I’m the only one that will ever read the review/commentary!

    Of all the books you have, the only one I’ve never read is “To Kill a Mockingbird” (which embarrasses me..but it is on my TBR pile until then…)

    They are all great! Feel out what you want from a book at the moment and crack one open! Good luck! Happy reading!

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